Cold & Allergy

Let’s face it: Colds and Allergies are no fun. Despite decades of hard work and cutting edge medical research, modern science still has yet to find a cure for the common cold. Most adults get 2-3 colds each year and children get them more frequently due to regular exposure to other children at school and daycare facilities. Allergies are known to effect adults in the Spring and Fall, and recently it has been noted by Pedestrians, that they are treating more children that have allergies.

At the very first sign of cough – that old, familiar tickle in your throat – we all know exactly what to expect. Creomulsion® soothes your throat and calms the urge to cough.

But cold sufferers are not the only ones who experience these symptoms.

Nearly 40 million of Americans suffer from seasonal, indoor and environmental Allergies. The symptoms of itchy throat and coughs from nasal drips can last for weeks at a time. For seasonal allergy sufferers, airborne tree, grass or plant pollens are often the culprits. For others, it can be mold, mildew or dust from carpet and furniture. Still others have a year round allergies to pet dander.

While Creomulsion® is not a cure for your cold, allergy or bronchial irritation, it helps minimize suffering caused by the ailments. Creomulsion® is gentle, doctor recommended formula that soothes throat ailments.

Creomulsion® is great for the whole family; Creomulsion® ingredients are highly effective and safe enough to use on children as young as 4 years old.

It’s little wonder that four generations of American families have come to rely on Creomulsion® Cough Medicine for colds, allergies and bronchial irritations.

Cold and allergy symptoms can strike at any time of the year, so be prepared: stock your medicine cabinet with Creomulsion® today! Visit our “Where to Buy” page for more information on finding Creomulsion® near you.