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About Creomulsion

In a small town in Georgia in 1920, an American icon was born. That year, a pharmacist in Griffin, Georgia, developed a cough and cold syrup called Creomulsion.

A group of investors in Atlanta, forty miles to the north, learned of his formula and arranged, through contacts at Coca-Cola, for a chemist to test it. The test proved Creomulsion to be a highly effective cough medicine, and so, that October, the investors founded Creomulsion Company. The product was manufactured at a plant in Griffin and moved rapidly toward national distribution, supported by ads in daily and weekly newspapers.

Our Products

Creomulsion® Adult and Children Cough Formula offers the most effective relief from irritation and cough caused by respiratory distress. Each is uniquely suited to sooth your throat from the tingling sensation associated with the urge to cough and the discomfort accompanying conditions like the common cold or allergies.