Since the 1900’s, Creosote has been one of the principal drugs which the medical profession had relied upon for the treatment for Bronchial, Pulmonary and Respiratory infections.

Although packaging for Creomulsion® has been updated over the years, the 1925 Creomulsion® formula still does not contain dyes, alcohol or artificial sweeteners.

Creomulsion® has been proven over a period of many years and in thousands of cases, to be a most effective non-prescription medicine for relieving coughs, and other issues in Bronchial, Pulmonary and Respiratory Tracts; (COPD, Whooping Cough, Spasmodic Croup)

Beechwood Creosote in Creomulsion®, in addition to being an intestinal antiseptic, has germ inhibiting qualities. It also heals inflamed mucous membranes and inhibits germ growth. Many Doctors know that being healthy internally is the key to feeling well.

Dextromethorphan, a cough suppressant along with other inactive ingredients, will help suppress a cough and soothe an irritated throat.

At the very first sign of a cough, that familiar tickle in your throat, we recommend taking Creomulsion® Cough Medicine.

Creomulsion® has numerous testimonies and is guaranteed satisfactory on the treatment of persistent coughs, due to colds, bronchial asthma, bronchitis, allergies and other forms of throat irritations.

Historically and according to the US Public Health Service, adults and children average 2-3 colds each year. While there still is no cure for the common Cold, Creomulsion® will soothe and treat the irritations and coughs due to allergies, influenza or bronchial irritations relating to Seasonal illnesses.

Getting back to the basics of healthy living means: plenty of fluids, fresh air, exercising and eating right, will help prevent stress and “run-down” feeling that can lead to colds and flu.